English history in one village

Starting tonight on BBC 4 is Michael Wood’s series on the history of Kibworth in Leicestershire. Focussing on one small village, we will travel from prehistory to present day. Michael Wood is great – this is not to be missed. For our friends in the States, a book will be available. Michael said in a radio interview that it was like ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ (the genealogy programme) for the whole nation. England’s history is not the same as the history of the British Isles and future series doing the same in Scotland, Wales and Ireland are being considered.

Blurb from the BBC site:

Groundbreaking series in which Michael Wood tells the story of one place throughout the whole of English history. The village is Kibworth in Leicestershire in the heart of England – a place that lived through the Black Death, the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution and was even bombed in World War Two.

With the help of the local people and using archaeology, landscape, language and DNA, Michael uncovers the lost history of the first thousand years of the village, featuring a Roman villa, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and graphic evidence of life on the eve of the Norman Conquest.


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