The Shadows of Caravaggio

I need a break today to catch up with some writing, so I’m leaving it to Caravaggio to tell us all about not flinching from the dramatic moment. As God knows only too well, you take a character then push him to the limit and beyond.

Now I have to go and put a knife to my hero’s throat…

PS. Before you ask, the singer is Lisa Gerrard.


6 thoughts on “The Shadows of Caravaggio

  1. I’m nuts for Caravaggio. I suppose some people would call him unsubtle, but there are lots of subtleties in his work alongside the undeniable drama. I think it’s the combination of drama and subtlety that makes his work so mesmerizing. If it were only dramatic, it would catch the eye, but not keep it.

    • I didn’t make the video myself but found it on YouTube. It has since been taken down because of copyright issues. If you search Lisa Gerrard on YouTube, or the Dead can Dance, you’re bound to find the song.
      Good luck.

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